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1724 20th St. NW, Suite 203
Washington, DC 20009
United States of America

+1 (202) 248 8818

International Relations Group is a Washington, DC based consulting firm with unprecedented Global Networking, Relationship Management, and Brokering services.


IRG circumnavigates red tape, bureaucracies, and the usual channels of communication to immediately work on a person to person basis globally


Nations w/Relations:


We connect clients immediately with leaders & organizations they need, in the places they need to be, at the most opportune time. We target every introduction globally and conduct all the research so an organization can focus its valuable time and energy elsewhere.


We orchestrate relationship management on behalf of our clients with their counterparts across every industry and sector globally, and strive to ensure these relationships sustain tangible results and optimized impact. We tailor each relationship and conduct all the research, communication, and facilitation so an organization can focus its valuable time and energy elsewhere.


We assist organizations in forging vested partnerships and deals faster globally, and streamline the process.


What IRG Does For You


  • Translate our incomparable ties in over 100 Nations with leaders in    Parliament    Trade    Finance    Energy    National Security    Media    Local & Regional Governments    Industrial     Journalism    Economics    Associations    Science    Urban Planning & Development    Defense    Agriculture    Human Rights    Tourism    Government Ministries    Law    PR    Technology    Entrepreneurship    Civil Society    Health    CSR  into authentic connections, relationships & partnerships
  • Grant clients unsurpassed new opportunities and capabilities internationally and regionally, as IRG has no equal in other nations
  • Activate relationships and connections for your organization-which usually take months to achieve and commercialize-within days