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1724 20th St. NW, Suite 203
Washington, DC 20009
United States of America

+1 (202) 248 8818

International Relations Group is a Washington, DC based consulting firm with unprecedented Global Networking, Relationship Management, and Brokering services.



International Relations Group operates limitlessly in the international arena in providing our Clients further reaching, richer opportunities. Few firms actually deliver our depth of relationship management, or act as freely across all industries and sectors on the global stage as IRG. In a consulting environment of mega-firms with relationship commercialization and Statement of Work turnarounds lasting months, less is more. And more costly doesn’t mean more results or impact. Trusted relationships are our center of gravity.



  • At IRG we have deep, comprehensive expertise with U.S. and over 100 Nations’ policy goals and methods, business climates, international relations, political risks and environments, cultural nuances, local customs, and so on

  • We maintain strong working relationships with 100's of well-positioned and high-level leaders in over 100 Nations, in addition to innumerable key leaders within American companies, organizations, government, etc. Our rapport, trust, and professional capital with these leaders is unsurpassed


Our Culture

The Innovation Economy is now and IRG is a leader in it. Our corporate culture is not a corporate one. We work collaboratively, imaginatively, and disruptively with/for our Clients and partners - together we’re an ecosystem. Corporate Social Responsibility is no mere buzzword for us. After all, there must be Return on Community + Return on Investment. International Relations Group is your relationship manager and partner globally, optimally for years to come, in addition to being your service provider of high quality with integrity. Because our Clients are more than just clients.


Vets Meet Reps

Vets Meet Reps is a forum matching mid-career Veterans (highest unemployment rate in America) & transitioning Active Duty with hiring reps from IT & tech companies in an informal setting. Vets Meet Reps hosts events to show hiring reps that the perfectly suited candidates for their prime IT & tech positions are mid-career Veterans & transitioning Active Duty - expediting the hiring process.

Vets Meet Reps isn't a job fair and we aren't writing resumes. We simply ask technology & IT companies to show up with jobs for mid-career Veterans & transitioning Active Duty, and provide meaningful employment to this incredibly skilled, highly capable, unparalleled American workforce. @VetsMeetReps

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Our Founder, Adam S. Johnson

Adam S. Johnson is renowned globally as a leader in diplomacy & international business. In August of 2014, he founded our ground-breaking consultancy, International Relations Group, in Washington, DC…