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1724 20th St. NW, Suite 203
Washington, DC 20009
United States of America

+1 (202) 248 8818

International Relations Group is a Washington, DC based consulting firm with unprecedented Global Networking, Relationship Management, and Brokering services.

Global Networking

IRG immediately connects you with the people and organizations you need, in the places you need to be, at the most opportune time

Nations List:
Relationships allow work across the spectrum.


With our Global Networking service, IRG became the 1st company in history to automate consulting in an online marketplace. This service enables any organization or individual globally to now simultaneously request and checkout the connections they need in 100+ Nations the same way they buy products online - handled simply and securely through our website.

Payment is simple - made in full and upfront online through Stripe. There's no limit to the number of connections one may request through Global Networking. To inquire about this service kindly contact us. When you're ready to purchase Global Networking please proceed to Purchase Connections below.



A Few Examples:

  • You need numerous counterparts in trade organizations in a few different nations, and entities that specialize in export/import regulations
  • You must connect with leaders of companies that are pioneering in a particular technology or field
  • Your organization requires speakers, experts, or panelists for conferences, seminars, conventions, and other important events