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1724 20th St. NW, Suite 203
Washington, DC 20009
United States of America

+1 (202) 248 8818

International Relations Group is a Washington, DC based consulting firm with unprecedented Global Networking, Relationship Management, and Brokering services.


“I’ve been thoroughly impressed with IRG's capabilities for connecting people and resources across the globe, regardless of any cultural, geographic, governmental, or hierarchical barriers that may exist. Adam Johnson's eye for identifying complementary relationships and ability to form the strategic partnerships necessary for taking action can be an asset to any organization looking to grow, and to greatly expand its influence."

Neil Bergquist - Former Vice President, SURF Incubator, Seattle, WA


"I have met very few people, if any, with such a vast international and top-notch network of influencers and industry leaders as Adam S. Johnson."

Gunilla Girardo - Former President, Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC


"International Relations Group is approaching the consulting industry in such a revolutionary way they're essentially creating a new industry. We found IRG's method of providing services to have stronger impact, and with considerably faster commercialization than other firms we've hired."

Keril Sawyerr - CEO & Co-Founder, New Billionaires, Washington, DC


"As a leader in the international affairs, entrepreneurial, and academic communities in Las Vegas I have experienced Adam Johnson's focus on the remarkable changes occurring in downtown, and as a result, Las Vegas becoming a best-practice city for the U.S. State Dept. I've also been excited to see IRG's creation of a new paradigm in global consulting services delivery. Their established network of relationships, both public and private, across industries and government agencies will benefit anyone seeking solutions to cross-border strategic initiatives."

David Williams - CEO & Founder, Explorateur Ventures; Executive Director, BitAngels, Las Vegas, NV